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Natalie and the New Statue by Gildsoul by Gildsoul Natalie and the New Statue by Gildsoul by Gildsoul
An imagined scene involving two characters from the online comic strip I Dream of Jeanie Bottle.
A satirical parody of a very popular TV sitcom from the 1960's

When two Gennie's have a magical war works of art can appear for no reason.

Fanart done by permission of the owner of the I Dream of Jeanie Bottle online comic strip.
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SeanTC Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015
Wouldn't mind such a spell befalling me... must be quite alluring to be trapped as shiny gold :)
Gildsoul Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
The nice thing about that universe you aren't covered in gold. You are transformed entirely inside and out, every part of you into solid absolutely pure gold, without the slightest trace of any other element. Every single atom of your entire being is gold, element number 79, denser than lead, gold never tarnishes, is always bright and shiny. Precious, noble metal, 19.3 times the weight of water. It feels wonderful!

And Jean reads the newspaper and sees an article about the price of gold, dollar signs in her head.

Jean materializes an industrial scale and levitates the gold statue onto the scale.

So a solid gold Araceli would weigh, 120 lbs times 19.3, 2316 lbs over a ton. Gold is around $1000 and ounce, 2316 X 16 troy ounces per lbs is 37056 ounces comes out to about 37 MILLION dollars!

Jeans eyes flash more dollar signs. She gets out the yellow pages and finds the number of a precious metal foundry.

Araceli can hear and see everything.

Next panel, in a metal foundry Jean is wearing a office suit dress. The owner of the foundry is handing Jean a stack of dollar bills or a check for over 30 million dollars.

In the background a large fork lift is moving a pallet with large stack of gold ingots to a huge safe.

From the stack of gold ingots there is a thought bubble from Araceli's mind, now part of the gold ingots.

"When my uncle finds out what happened, rescues me and restores me I'm so going to get you!"
SeanTC Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015
Hehheh - not sure about the 'melted down into ingots' part. I guess you can never underestimate the greed of those around you, but I think if it happened to me I'd rather remain a one piece statue. With a mirror placed in front of me so I could just stare at myself forever ;)
Gildsoul Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
There would be the problem of tipping over. A ton of gold falling over would make quite a clang and dent the floor. Pure gold is so soft that your statue self would be distorted and dented.

So you'd have to be mounted on a gold pedestal, magically welding your feet to the base.

Would you want to be clothed or nude, and what kind of pose would you want to be frozen into?

A solitary room or an art gallery with lots of mirrors?

Then you could enjoy your new eternal life and beauty. sort of like this story.…
SeanTC Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2015
Oh, always fully clothed.
Part of the kink of statuefication ( for me, anyway ) is getting stuck forever in whatever clothing you happened to be wearing at the time, be it a French maid's outfit, a cheerleader costume, or an elaborate princess dress. Every satin crease, every bit of lace, and each frilly bow captured eternally in gleaming, precious metal. Happened to be trying on a wedding dress when Midas grabbed me? Looks like I'm a 24k bride forever more. 
Gildsoul Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
A 24k bride, I see a ASFR story here. Princess about to get married and an evil witch/wizard turns her into a gold statue.

Sort of like this but everything including her is solid gold.……

Gives me an idea for an image.
SeanTC Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2015
The gowns there are lovely - what a pretty way to be dressed forever. 
So pretty, and it's practically gold already. If I wore that I'd no doubt instantly start fantasising I was being turned into gold! 
Maybe the evil witch could be a former jilted lover of the groom, so decides to turn his bride to be into a statue to punish him. 
I can easily imagine her cackling "I hope you like this wedding present I've left for you!" and when he runs into the bedroom to see what sinister gift the witch has alluded to he finds none other than his bride to be - turned into pure gold in her wedding gown. FOREVER! ;)
Reminds me of Bill Ward's art. (William Hess Ward)
CDRudd Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Whooo! Fan ART. I Love it. (It starting to feel like Xmas too :D )
Totallguy1953 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014
Done it again. Good job.
DiseaseAndPlague Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014
You're not posting very often, but when you post something, I feel like it's christmas. I really (really) like your style and am always overwhelmed by the quality of your artworks. Keep going, you're awesome!
CaptianHarlock Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014
Ha! Awesome as always!
coredumperror Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014
NICE! I very much approve of this outcome for Araceli and Natalie. :)

One minor correction though (I'm the spell checker intern, after all...): Araceli's thought should be "shouldn't have trapped her". "Shouldn't of" is a common typo, though, since that phrase is often pronounced like that.
SirWriter Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014
I want to have a part of this!
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014
Should have happen to Jean!
LuisManuel316 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2015
Nah, Jean's been through enough.
RadicalDanny Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014
Now hold on, you don't know what happened to Jean.
She might also have very interesting spell cast upon her. ^^
LuisManuel316 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2015
It seems Jean was the one that turned Araceli to golf though.
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